Mingo dating

Later, Daphne realizes that Mingo is taking part in the "Kangaroo Krawl", which is a series of extreme sports, in order to shake people's image of him that he is racist.

Daphne tells Mingo that she cares about him and that he shouldn't act recklessly because he could endanger his life, and Mingo is shocked.

In Four Ages in Life, Mingo tells Iris (who had been on a hunger strike to protest how African Americans were being treated on campus) that he is sorry that she had been sick as a result of not eating.

Iris brushes him off and continues not to speak or associate with him, because she is angered that he has been allowed to keep his position of Dorm Adviser.

Iris accepts his apology, and reveals that she is dating a fellow member of her equal rights cause from the BSU.

Iris Watkins, one of Daphne's closest friends at college and her former roommate, attends the party and is offended by Mingo's costume choice.

Bannon to change his opinion on her and other people who are deaf.

Daphne calls Mingo her hero, and Mingo admits that he broke up with Amy a couple of weeks ago because he is in love with her.

In The Accommodations of Desire, In And Always Searching for Beauty, he met Quinn, the man Daphne kissed.

After Daphne told him that he was the one who interviewed her for the China trip, he wasn't too happy to learn that he was going to Bay's art opening.

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