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You must apply within 60 days of the end of the renewal cycle by certified mail.If a waiver or extension is granted, it applies only to the renewal cycle for which it was granted; you must reapply each cycle.Welcome to the Online Orientation for newly licensed medical practitioners. 45:9-22.21) with the duty to implement the Web-based New Jersey Health Care Profile.We are making this material available in this format so you don't have to schedule yourself to sit in a five hour orientation session, and can complete this at your convenience. You've probably already received notification about updating your Profile.You may carry 25 hours and apply them to the next renewal cycle.American Medical Association Physician Recognition Award CME definitions are used to determine whether credits earned are acceptable, as well as those of the American Osteopathic Association and the Council on Podiatric Medicine.You are responsible for maintaining verifiable evidence of participation for six years following completion of CME activities.

One law required health care facilities to notify the Board of any disciplinary proceeding or action resulting in suspension of privileges or removal or suspension from medical staff. Reduced-fee Active licensees must be at least 65 years of age and hold no HMO or hospital affiliations, but may actively practice medicine and prescribe.

Random audits are used to evaluate compliance with CME regulations once the renewal is complete.

You will be asked to provide transcripts and certificates as evidence of participation.

In addition that legislation called for expanded identification of problem professionals, creation of a full time Medical Director, registration of medical residents in training and practicing in New Jersey prior to licensure, increased licensee information reporting at initial licensure and renewal, authority to require reeducation, and monitoring of probation and disciplinary restrictions. 45:9-19.8) The Panel receives notices of hospital or HMO discipline and notices of medical malpractice settlements or judgments. It's very important that you notify the Board office via the website, or by fax when you change your mailing address as renewal notifications are not forwarded by the Post Office.

One of the most fundamental changes effected by the Act was in the area of malpractice and hospital adverse action reporting. Other legislative changes included a shift from voluntary reporting of licensee incompetence or impairment presenting imminent danger to the public to mandatory reporting by colleagues. The notification will give you information about renewing your license on line, paying with a credit card, or the process to follow if you would rather renew with a paper form.

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