Online dating scams dangers Freesexdating sites

Phishing To the uninitiated, the internet is a big pond where sharks roam seeking to trick internet users into handing over their personal details so they can dine on their bank accounts.This is commonly known as phishing – the spelling is a play on the traditional sport of fishing but the principle is the same – the scammer (shark) will set up his ‘lures’ so that unwary internet users will be ‘phished’ and tricked into sharing confidential information that can be used to conduct further scams or fraud.Never sharing your Trade Me password will prevent against such phishing attempts.

Same username as your email Trade Me members who have usernames similar to their email addresses should consider themselves warned that this makes them an easy target for cheeky online scammers.

The ‘Flatmate Wanted’ Scam You have advertised online for a new flatmate, preferably one that has good personal hygiene and boom!

You get someone from overseas who is moving to NZ and wants to live with you and here’s the bond money. The ‘Freight Forward’ Scam It’s very similar to the flatmate wanted trick.

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