Updating hp mediasmart

Pulse-Eight sells both custom and off the shelf hardware products primarily designed for Kodi, such as remote controls, HTPC systems and accessories, including a HTPC PVR set-top-box pre-installed with Kodi that they call "Pulse Box" Xtreamer Ultra and Xtreamer Ultra 2, manufactured by the South Korean company Unicorn Information Systems, are nettops based on Nvidia graphics and Intel Atom processors and pre-installed Open ELEC and Kodi software.

The first-generation Xtreamer Ultra uses Nvidia Ion chipset with a 1.80 GHz Dual-Core Intel Atom D525 CPU, while the Xtreamer Ultra 2 uses discrete Ge Force GT 520M graphics with a 2.13 GHz Dual-Core Intel Atom D2700 CPU.

Sage TV Media Center for Linux is compatible with most major Linux distributions.

Information on a Gentoo distribution tuned for Media Center usage is available from the Sage TV website.

Sage TV Placeshifter allows the user to watch TV from any high speed internet connection, similar to the Slingbox.

Built-in EPG support is available only for North America; however, the developer community has developed plug-ins that allow unsupported regions to access EPG info through sources such as XMLTV and ICETV in Australia.Sage TV Media Center typically records in standard MPEG2, making it possible to transfer recordings to laptops or other devices.It also has a built-in conversion feature to transcode files into other formats compatible with i Pod, PSP, cell phones and other portable devices.It is designed to consume relatively few resources and to boot quickly from flash memory.The Open ELEC team released Open ELEC 4.0 on , and this version features updated XBMC 13.0 with further updated important parts of the operating system as well as the Linux kernel updated to version 3.14 and additional device drivers.

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